A History of Cycling Advocacy


Sarah FioRito, community bike shop employee and advocate

Our economic system is not grounded in reality, it's not grounded in the reality of the physical environment that we exist in. And obviously it's problematic for a million other reasons.
I got really concerned. I was learning about how literally we're destroying the habitat of the globe that we live on.

Tanya Paz, transportation consultant and Chair, City of Vancouver Active Transportation Policy Council

In '99, I got to hear David Suzuki speak...he said the biggest factor for climate change was greenhouse gas emissions, and the biggest chunk of the pie at the time was personal transportation, cars and light trucks.
And I thought, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be for this moment in time on the earth, I need to take some responsibility.

Gordon Price, City of Vancouver Councillor 1986-2002

That was also an issue that was a real concern to me, and I introduced the motion for creating the Clouds of Change task force.
It was the first municipal initiative to deal with climate change. Fred Bass was on that one. As a citizen and a councillor, I'm very proud of it, but it was too early.

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