A History of Cycling Advocacy

Laws & Regulations

Kay Teschke, researcher and professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC

In occupational health there's a hierarchy of controls - it's engineering first, then what they call administrative controls which can include education and regulation, and then the third is personal protective devices, like helmets.
So you always try to do the thing that removes it. And I said that I didn't think that North America had it right. We seem to have it reversed.

Derek Williams, past chair HUB Cycling Richmond committee

Each municipality seems to be a bit different. I don't agree with that either. This is BC, and this is Canada, and if we can't agree with all of Canada, we should at least agree with all of BC. We should all have the same rules and regulations.

David Hay, Q.C. Richards Buell Sutton 

I think motorists and cyclists alike recognize that it is almost impossible to understand some of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act when applied to what a cyclist does.
In 2013 we started working on that. We meet, we talk, we've got a paper. We had a big meeting with all the transportation people in government, they have the paper, and they say they're reviewing it.

Whenever you see absurdity in legislation, it needs to be changed, that's all. I don't think anyone is pushing back against that.


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